Our Mission is to be a Community that Worships in faith and Serves with love.
Message from Parish Priest

Gratitude is the quality of the heart and it is expressed in two simple words THANK YOU. The absence of gratitude is not ingratitude or ungratefulness. It only means that one is not educated to see or notice the goodness done by the other. We are under the impression that it is our right and the other person has done his or her duty. Over a period we turn to be selfish and self centred and at times we forget even our dear ones.

God has been good to us. He has blessed us with many gifts and yet we do not acknowledge them be cause we do not see them as freely given gifts or are unaware of God’s blessings. We have a litany of petitions of what we need and spend most of our time grumbling at not having things. God on his part keeps giving and we keep receiving.

There is an interesting story of God sending two angels to collect thanksgiving and petition notes. To the angel who was to collect the thanksgiving notes gave a small bag. To the angel who was to collect the petitions he gave a large bag. The angels in their wisdom exchanged bags because they had seen the blessings God had sent into the world. In the evening the angle who was collecting the thanksgiving notes had very few with him. The other angel had to make several trips

If we have to grow in the love of God we have to thank the Lord every moment from morning to evening for the graces and blessings we have received. We have to thank him for another day he has given us. We have to thank him for the good health, for the food and the list is unending. One thing is certain God will not stop if even if we are ungrateful. It is we who will be the losers.

Rev. Fr. Rui Comelo


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